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    Astro Flight Electric Motors

    Airplane Motors

    Astro Flight Firefly 4:1 Cobalt w/Speed Control
    Astro Flight Brushless 020 Direct Drive Motor w/Ctrl
    Astro Flight 020 Geared Motor w/Control
    Astro Flight Brushless 05 Ducted Fan Motor T33/F16
    Astro Flight Mighty Micro 010 Direct
    Astro Flight Mighty Micro 010 Geared
    Astro Flight Cobalt 15 10T Direct Drive Motor
    Astro Flight Cobalt 15 Geared Motor
    Astro Flight Super Ferrite 25 Direct Drive Motor

    Electric Motor Accessories

    Astro Flight 05 Motor Mount
    Astro Flight 25/40 Motor Mount
    Astro Flight Gearbox Cobalt 05/15
    Astro Flight Prop Drive 020/035 1/8" Shaft
    Astro Flight Prop Drive 05/15 5/32" Shaft
    Astro Flight Copper Brushes 603/605 (2)
    Astro Flight Silver Brush 615/640 (2)
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