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Dumas PT-109 Fiberglass Hull 48"
Dumas PT-109 Fiberglass Hull 48in.
Price  $335.95  Order
This is the Fiberglass PT-109 scale World War II Patrol Torpedo Boat by Dumas.

FEATURES: Hand-laid fiberglass hull
          Cleanly die-cut plywood decks and super structure
          Super scale vessel
          Three different powering methods are detailed in the plans
            and instructions

INCLUDES: Fiberglass hull
          All neccessary wood parts
          Fittings package with wood turnings, brass detail, 80 cast fittings
          Plans and instructions

REQUIRES: 2-channel radio with two servos
          1-3 running hardware kits #2358 (DUMB1329), depending on # motors
          1-3 propellers, depending on # of motors used
                                                                      + + + +
Requires (cont'd):
          Power plant (one .21-.40 glow engine, one AstroFlight 40 marine
            motor, or one to three 6- or 12-volt motors)
          Speed control, battery, and charger if using electric motor(s)
          Field and building equipment

COMMENTS: This kit can be designed as racing electric (40 Astroflight), scale
            electric (one-three 6 or 12 volt motors), or with .21-.40 glow
            engine.                                                 mgc 11-5-98
      motor(s)       speed control      battery          charger
6V    DUMG2030       DUMB2520           DUMP1500         DUMP1000
12V   DUMG2040       DUMB2525           DUMP1520         DUMP1010


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