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Great Planes AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter
Great Planes AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter
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 This is the AccuPoint Laser Incidence Meter from Great Planes.
    This High Precision Tool is used to find Accurate Angle Alignments on
                Airplane Wings, Stabilizers or Engine Mounts.

FEATURES: Integrated use of laser beam pointer is much more precise and
            trustworthy than the weighted pointers and bubble levels found in
            other meters giving modelers pinpoint accuracy. (See COMMENTS)
          The laser unit rests in a ball bearing supported yoke that eliminates
            binding and adds to the meter's precision.
          The big scale is easy to read from any angle, and measures incidence
            down to 1/4 of a degree. Reads 0-10 positive and negative.
          The grippers on the clamps are perfectly aligned to stay true over
            time, and the opposed, large-radius thumb screws are easy to
            access and use.
          It is designed to be set on a flat surface to "zero it out" with a
            knurled adjustment thumb wheel before use.
          Special notch at the bottom of the scale allows it to be attached
            to an engine crankshaft for checking the engine's thrust angle.
          Fits wing chords upto 16"
          Accommodates wider wings with an optional 36" long aluminum bar

INCLUDES: One Laser Pointer with Yoke Assembly (See COMMENTS)
          One Magenta Red Aluminum Bar
          One Incidence Meter Scale/Engine Thrust Mount
          Two Clamping Jigs with Thumb Screws

REQUIRES: Assembling of the Laser Incidence Meter

SPECS:    Bar Length Overall: 20"
          Length Between Clamping Jigs: 16-1/4"
          Scale Height: 8"

COMMENTS: Warning: This unit comes with a device that emits a laser light.
            This can be harmful to eyes if looking directly into the light.
            This along with other laser type equipment should be handled
            carefully. NEVER LOOK INTO THE LIGHT BEAM, and never point the
            laser towards anyone.
          The AccuPoint can be used to check:
            The wing at the root and tip, for warping.
            That the stabilizer is aligned with the wing (thrust line).
            That the wing and stabilizer are both level.
            The engine's thrust line.
            That the fuselage is level.
            Helicopter blade pitch.

          Replacement batteries: GPMR4022
          Optional 36" long bar: GPMR4021
                                                                    snm 11/4/99

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