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Kyosho Fairwind 900 Sailboat
Kyosho Fairwind 900 Sailboat
Price  $186.95  Order
The Fairwind 900 is a Radio-Controlled Sailing Yacht.  The main difference
between this sailboat and the original Fairwind is the decal set.

FEATURES: One-Piece ABS Plastic Hull with Keel
          Aluminum Mast and Boom
          Battened Nylon Main and Jib Sails (both are white)
          Many scale accessories (pulpit, steering wheel, anchor, etc)
          2-channel operation (rudder and sail control)
          Removable Mast (helps with transportation)

INCLUDES: Wood Display Stand, Decals, Hardware Package, Foam Tape,
            Illustrated Instructions, Hull, Hatch, Mast, and Sails.

SPECS:    Length:    35.4"
          Height:    61.4"(FROM TOP OF HULL TO TOP OF MAST-(48")
          Sail area: 597 sq in
          Beam:       8.9"
          Weight:   (approx.) 8 - 9.25 lbs
            (The weight of BB with glue will be approximately 3.75 lbs and
             approximate overall weight will be 7.3 to 7.8 lbs.)

REQUIRES: 2-Channel Radio with One Standard Servo (rudder) and One S125
            sail servo.
          Receiver battery and 12 "AA" batteries
          5.07 lbs of ballast for the keel (either KYOB5081 or BB shot
            available at any discount store like K-mart, Walmart, etc).
          Epoxy glue, hobby knife, CA+, and sandpaper.

COMMENTS: Kit does not require, but may be painted with any paint that is
            waterproof and safe for plastics.
          This boat may be sailed with the rudder only (the sails are fixed
            and not controlled), however for optimum performance and scale
            operation, it is STRONGLY recommended to use the sail control.
          NOTE: Most 2 channel stick radios come with spring loaded sticks.
                If modeler prefers to make them ratchet refer to radio
                manual for this option.
                                                                    jct 6/17/00
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